Whenever you switch on the CEPES-Lasers®, its pulsating magnetic field is automatically generated and emitted. You can choose between three different frequencies:

  • 7.8 Hz (neutral, balancing)
  • 33 Hz (for activating, tonifying application)
  • 3.0 Hz (for soothing, sedative application)

If you know our previous model of the CEPES-Lasers®, you know that this used to have only one single magnetic field frequency - the main value of the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz.

This is the most important frequency for us and its neutral and balancing character makes it usable for any purpose.

We have been asked frequently by our customers how to use the laser to stimulate an acupuncture point in a toning or a sedative manner. Of course you can do this with the frequency of 7.8 Hz and the respective intention. The laser can be used with the appropriate hand movements, which are also used with toning or sedating needling.

Additionally, we have decided to enhance our CEPES-Laser® and add two more frequencies to the current model. With the new CEPES-Laser® you can choose between the neutral 7.8 Hz as well as a toning 33.0 Hz and a sedative 3.0 Hz.

Depending on the intention you want to use the laser with, simply select the appropriate magnetic field frequency.

The CEPES-Laser® offers you a further possibility to use a special frequency during the application:

With a sliding switch you can set an interruption of the light and the magnetic field of the laser. Both will be interrupted in 1.2 Hz (Nogier frequency). You can identify this mode by the blinking laser light.

It depends on your own concept of application which of the settings you prefer. Experience has shown that a laser modulated with the Nogier frequency is suitable for an activating stimulation and can support detox processes.

You can usually test with a testing method of your choice (tensor, kinesiology, EAV, RAC, and more) which of the settings is the more suitable in that particular moment.

Either way (using the continuous light with the pulsating magnetic field or using interrupted light and magnetic field) the laser shuts off automatically after one minute of application time. You can switch on the CEPES-Laser® immediately again. The automatic shutdown lets having you keeping track of how long you have already done the application. It is not possible to overdose.

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