With the plug in tip for our new CEPES-Laser® model (blue housing), you can locate the points more precisely.

Place the rounded tip on the skin, exactly where you want to apply the laser with its magnetic field.

The tip is particularly practical for use for animals in order to get through its fur.

The tip is easy to apply. Place the sliding switch at the head of the laser into the position in which the glass lens is not placed in front of the laser beam.

The tip fits precisely into the hole of the sliding part of the laser. There it sits firmly and does not wobble around. It can also be easily removed when it is not needed.

The tip does not affect the use of glass ampules for the transfer of bioinformation.

The attachment tip is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean - it is even possible to put it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

  • suitable for the current model of the CEPES-Laser® (blue housing)
  • to plug in - removable
  • length approx. 2.3 cm /  0.9 inches
  • made out of stainless steel

The tip has been included in the price since October 2016 when purchasing a CEPES-Laser®. If you have purchased your laser at an earlier date, you can get the tip separately and use it easily with your laser.

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