Exogenous transfer of information

Any electromagnetic wave is able to transport and transmit information. This is why you can transmit e.g. homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers and much more with the pulsating magnetic field during the application of the MEDISEND®super-devices.

To make use of this nature, you can optionally connect our MEDICUP to each of our large devices. All substrates placed in the cup are transferred to the organism as additional information with the pulsating electromagnetic field.

The transmission of information is independent of the frequency you choose:
Any frequency is a carrier wave and can be used for transfer.

You can read more about the transfer and transmission of information in the menu item: Substrate transfer

Just like the described test for the selection of the frequency, it is also advisable to test the remedies you want to transfer before the application. You can use any testing method you like. Most common testing methods would be e.g. tensor, kinesiology, the EAV or the RAC test method.

Digital information transfer:

With the MEDISEND®super C and the MEDISEND®super III, it is not only possible to use analogue but also digitized substrates for the exogenous transfer of information. Therefor we developed the software AMScomsystem and digitized well over 6000 substrates (homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, nosodes, phytotherapeutics, etc.). These digitized remedies we call BIOWAVEs, which we have bundled into different packages. For more information read the following menu item:

AMScomsystem / BIOWAVEs

The MEDISEND®super-devices not only offer the possibility of exogenous information transfer. With connected animal applicators/hand electrodes endogenous (body's own) information can be additionally transmitted with the pulsating electromagnetic field.

Together with the MEDICUP, the animal applicators/hand electrodes are connected to the INPUT of the device on the left side. During application, the animal applicators are placed symmetrically on each side of the animal’s body making contact with fur or skin. They are flat and can be slid under the lying animal or stuck in bandages wrapped around a horses’ legs. Hand electrodes are held by humans in both hands or are otherwise symmetrically contacted with the skin (e.g. placed under the hollows of the knee).



We are asked frequently whether the body gets information from the animal applicators/hand electrodes. But that is not the case. On the contrary: The hand electrodes are used to receive the information of the complete biofield of the body. This received information is modulated onto the magnetic field that is emitted by the loop and thus is returned to the body.

This means that the body "gets to see" its own information "from outside" during the application. Through this kind of attention signal, the regulation can be supported very individually.

You can buy the handelectrodes and the MEDICUP optionally as accessories.

Application process at a glance