We owe Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig a lot. With his researches and developments, he was the one who built the first magnetic field therapy devices – and this is why he is also called "father of magnetic field therapy".

Read in the section History of our devices, why and how he produced his first magnetic field device and how he step by step developed a wide range of different devices.

All his life, Dr. W. Ludwig was a seeker. He summarized his finding in a classical sentence which he liked to put at the end of a lecture:

"The claim of some scientists about an unsettled area - "that does not exist" - is completely unscientific. At best you can say "I know nothing about it”.

Over the last 30 years of his life, he was more and more interested in providing quantum-physical knowledge as a base for a modern natural healing medicine. A large number of publications as well as the development and construction of a wide range of devices testify his enormous creative power.

Prof. Popp describes Dr. Ludwig’s complete scientific achievement to the point in his preface to the book "Informative Medicine":

Wolfgang Ludwig is one of the physicists who have significantly influenced the bioinformative methods in Germany. Even if the potentials that result from it are hardly used, but rather suppressed in Germany, the achievements and the information still feed on the growing progress in other nations. They stimulate imitation as well as development and trigger worldwide impulses for a new era of health consciousness."

It should not go unmentioned that a large number of manufacturers make demands on Dr. Ludwig as his function as a biophysicist. In the meantime, a large number of supposedly similar magnetic field therapy devices are on the market, although the devices in their function and mode of operation are by no means correspond with the biophysical quality characteristics developed by Dr. Ludwig.

A device developed by Dr. Ludwig is always recognizable by the arrow symbol. Only devices with that symbol meet the quality characteristics of Dr. Ludwig. It stands for the production of an electromagnetic biofield, which is based on and recreates the signals of undisturbed nature.