Our CEPES-Laser® is the most popular small device for practices and clinics of all of Dr. Ludwig's devices. Small and handy it is quickly and easily accessible and goes wherever you go.

It is the only laser on the market that combines its laser light with a pulsating magnetic field. Thus, it also provides the possibility of substrate transfer.

If you would like to find out more about the usage of the CEPES-Lasers®, please read the introduction in the following menu item.


If you are already familiar with using the CEPES-Lasers®, you can go directly to the product details. Choose between our stand-alone CEPES-Laser® and the CEPES-Laser®Vario, a supplementary device for the MEDISEND®super devices:

The only laser with pulsating magnetic field and substrate transfer.

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Our laser for combination with a large device.

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