Managing Director and sole shareholder of AMS GmbH as well as head of the „Institute for Biophysics Dr. Ludwig“

Being a former serious sport fencer, he knows the meaning of pursuing
a goal disciplined and focussed. In the eighties he reached with his team the world championship titel and an Olympic silver medal. 

After ending his fencing career he followed his scientific interests, studied chemistry in Würzburg and completed it with the doctor's degree.

As the head of the AMS, Dr. Beck takes all strategic decisions and is always open minded for suggestions for improvement and new ideas.

He is fascinated by the combination of academic facts with a naturopathic approach and over the years he has gained a lot of knowledge about the Bioinformative Medicine.

If you would like to meet Dr. Beck, why don't you visit him on one of the numerous fairs where he attends personally as an exhibitioner and frequently as a speaker.

In his free time he enjoyes being with his family, doing bicycle tours, self organized celebrations and barbecues at any time of the year.