AMS GmbH is based in Weikersheim in the beautiful Taubertal in Baden-Württemberg, about 10 km east of Bad Mergentheim and 40 km south of Würzburg.

Our company stands for research and development as well as for the production and distribution of bioenergetic medical technology.

Our broad product range includes

  • Magnetic field therapy devices
  • Bioresonance systems
  • Colorlight and Laser devices combined with a pulsating magnetic field
  • Water treatment with reverse osmosis and energization at the same time
  • Devices for the digital storage / transfer of bioinformation for the testing and therapy of humans and animals

We maintain customer relationships in over 65 countries.

Our devices are manufactured in Germany and partly have been on the market for more than 40 years.

The necessary research and development work is being carried out at the Institute of Biophysics, which was taken over by AMS GmbH in 1998 from Dr. rer. Nat. W. Ludwig, a globally recognized biophysicist.

On the basis of researches of Dr. Ludwig, the "father of magnetic field therapy", the AMS not only has a technological advantage over competitors on the market. The AMS also possesses the rights to a unique technological know-how of 30 years of intensive and extensive research and development work by Dr. Ludwig.

AMS GmbH Advanced Medical Systems GmbH

Hauptstr. 26
97990 Weikersheim