Solar frequencies

The sun is another source of important signals for us. It has manifold frequency spectra – most of them don’t reach the Earth’s surface.

The atmosphere has two “windows” that let through different kinds of the sun’s waves to the earth:

  • visible light
  • ultrashort waves

There is a corresponding ultrashort wave to every visible light frequency. These are the Solar frequencies.

Important with regard to the magnetic field devices of Dr. Ludwig:

In order to be able to generate the Solar frequencies, the device needs an additional generator. Not all devices have enough space for this additional generator.

We do not install this general generator for the Solar frequenies into our "little Ludwig" (the MEDISEND®), the MEDISEND®protect and the CEPES-Laser®. This keeps the devices small and handy.

On the other hand, it is installed into the METRONOM solar and METRONOM C, as well as in the MEDICUR®pro and the MEDICUR®color - in the latter, the solar spectrum spectrum is even split into seven different colors.

Of course the generator for the entire solar frequency spectrum is also included in the complete product range of the large devices.