Geomagnetic frequencies

These are the natural oscillations of 64 trace elements such as ferrite, natrium, calcium, etc. that are contained in the earth’s crust. Each of these trace elements has its own characteristic oscillation pattern.

The natural terrestrial magnetic field receives and transfers these oscillation patterns – called “modulation”. Thus in natural surroundings we are permanently in touch with the information of the trace elements.

According to measurements from geologists and medical scientists the earth’s crust contains the same trace elements as the erythrocytes, the red blood cells – nearly in the same ratio with each other.

Important with regard to the magnetic field devices of Dr. Ludwig:

Dr. Ludwig succeeded in developing a procedure which makes it possible to modulate the frequency spectrum of these 64 essential trace elements on iron cores.

These structurally modified iron cores are integrated in all our devices. Thus the information of the specific oscillation pattern of the trace elements is automatically transmitted with the pulsating electromagnetic field that is generated by the device. This happens regardless of the frequency you choose.

Thus the Geomagnetic frequencies are automatically generated with each of our devices whenever it is switched on.