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Are you looking for a small and handy magnetic field device for the use at home and on the road? Then you are perfectly right here. Find your magnetic field device here, your faithful companion wherever you go.

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Magnetic field devices? How are they used?

If you would like to know more about the application of the small and hand held devices, please click the following link to read the detailed introduction:


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If you are already familiar with the application of magnetic field devices and already know which device you are interested in, simply click on the link to the product below:

The MEDISEND® is our most handy portable device. It is also known as "The Little Ludwig" and is used for all kinds of indisposition in everyday life.

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Help with electrosensitivity. The MEDISEND®protect is simply plugged into a USB interface on the computer and provides a positive electromagnetic field that the organism orientates to.

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Our mobile pain therapist. Three programs for easy handling.

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The combination of MEDISEND® and MEDICUR®pro - it is also our only hand-held device with an automatic frequency scan additionally to its four preset frequencies.

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Identical to the METRONOM solar with additional storage space for digital information.

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Combines pulsating magnetic field and colors.

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