All our large devices are made according to the technology developed by Dr. Ludwig. It was important to him to develop devices that produce an artificial pulsating electromagnetic field that is as close as possible to the natural field of the environment. Therefore, the following statements apply to all devices that are (further) developed by Dr. Ludwig and in his institute:

  • Generation or possible choice of the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum (7.8 Hz)
  • Generation of the Geomagnetic frequencies
  • Generation of the Solar frequencies (except of MEDISEND®, MEDISEND®protect the CEPES®-Laser. Due to the size of their body housings the generator for the Solar frequencies is omitted)

Read more about the Schumann-, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental signals.

All devices produce a signal whose pulse shape and magnetic field strength is optimally matched to the body. Read more about that in the menu item Quality features.

The devices that are developed by Dr. Ludwig are identified with the Arrow symbol.

The first device created by Dr. Ludwig more than 40 years ago was the MEDISEND® - at that time, of course, still in a different version.

To find out how and why Dr. Ludwig built his first magnetic field device and how he gradually developed the different devices, read the menu item History of our devices.