Dear animal therapists!

We are pleased about your interest in magnetic field therapy and in our devices for your animal practices.

For the application of magnetic field therapy, there are no big differences for humans and animals. Everything that applies to the use of our devices for humans is also valid for the application for animals.

This is why in the following you will be reading the descriptions of the use of our large devices for humans. The statements can be transferred one-to-one to the use of the devices in the animal practice.

The few differences that you might want to know are:

  • Instead of hand electrodes that are used for humans, we use so-called animal applicators for the endogenous information transfer. Since animals cannot hold round rolls in their paws or hooves, we work with flat electrodes that can be slid under the animal or into the bandages on horse legs.
  • If you use animal applicators for large animals, you can connect extension cables.
  • The MAGNETO-ring is also very suitable for large animals and is often used instead of the MAGNETO-loop. It can simply be placed around the animal's neck.
  • The applicators MAGNETO-loop and MAGNETO-ring are easy to apply on or close to the animal. You can put either of it under its blanket or in its baskets.


In addition to our main catalog for human therapists, we have compiled a six-page brochure for animal therapists, in which you will find the most common combinations of large devices and accessories. You can download both documents here:

Magnetic field therapy and bioresonance

Are you looking for a magnetic field and bioresonance device for your practice? Then you have found the right page.

The mostly used large devices in practices are our MEDISEND®super-devices. You will find the right one between three different models.

Detailed introduction

Magnetic field devices? MEDISEND®super? How do I actually use that?

If you would like to know generally about the usage of the MEDISEND®super devices, please read the detailed introduction by following the link below:


Quick selection

If you are already familiar with the usage of the MEDISEND®super devices and already know which device you are interested in, simply follow the link to the product below:

The MEDISEND®super is the standard version of our MEDISEND®super series.
The MEDISEND®super C can also be connected to a computer in order to use digitized information (BIOWAVEs) in combination with the AMScom system.

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The MEDISEND®super III is our flagship and the best device we offer. Of course, it can be connected to a computer in order to use digitized information (BIOWAVEs) in combination with the AMScom system.

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