Following you get some tips and hints from users.

Please note that the magnetic field therapy is scientifically disputed and not recognized by the conventional medicine.

The CEPES-Laser® is not a medical device according to the Medicinal Devices Act. The CEPES-Laser® can only affect positively your ability to regulation. It does not serve to treat or cure diseases.

Stimulating / toning / sedation of acupuncture points and meridians

  • Generally a treatment of a single acupuncture point needs about 20-30 seconds

Improvement of blood circulation

  • Several times a day for one to two minutes – depending on the case for some days or even weeks

Use for traumata

  • Apply over the affected location for some seconds or minutes
  • Transfer of an adequate remedy, for example Arnica in a suitable potency

Alternatively for neural therapy

  • Use of the CEPES-Laser® on trigger points or the indicated (interfering field-) areas for some seconds or minutes
  • Use of an ampule procaine in the drill hole of the CEPES-Laser®

Alternatively for use on scars (interfering field)

  • Apply the CEPES-Laser® in a distance of 1 - 2 cm (0.4 - 0.8 inches) for approx. 1-2 minutes over the scar area – repetition is recommended
  • For support you can use a suitable remedy, e.g. procaine or a homeopathic remedy in the ampule holder