Alternative practitioner for animals, Dispatch preparing, Controlling devices

A good thing we  have Tara - whenever her time allows it, Mr. Beck's daughter is with us to help. She is busy preparing the devices for shipment, checking the devices and sending them. Furthermore she helps Tina Först a lot maintaining the website.

Thereby she faciliates the ordering process a lot for us and we are very thankful for that.

After her final secondary-school examinations she trained as a naturopath for animals (ATM) and successfully completed her studies in May 2017. Since September 2017 she studies veterinary medicine in Budapest. That's why she can not be with us all that often - and we miss her terribly.

She dearly loves her cat Miley, who already has her status as our office cat. When Tara brings her in the office, she enriches and nicens up our day.

Animals are Taras favorite creatures - she used to have a special relation to her horse Domingo, who has been accompanying her life for six years until December 2016.

You can meet our AMS-animals here