Wer anderen etwas vorgedacht,
                        wird jahrelang erst ausgelacht.
                        Begreift man die Entdeckung endlich,
                        so nennt sie jeder selbstverständlich.
              (W. Busch)


                        The one that thinks things before others do,                   
                        is laughed at for years.
                        When finally the discovery is understood
                        everybody calls it self-evident.  
                         (W. Busch)

The following is an excerpt from the obituary for Dr. Ludwig (died 2004).Dr. Frank Beck and Peter Holz (both AMS GmbH) acknowledge the work of Dr. Ludwig. The full article / obituary can be found in the journal CO`MED No. 5/2004, p. 5-8.

Anyone who reads Dr. Ludwig's vita attentively will - despite the brevity of a table - very quickly realize that he led a moving and very fulfilling scientist's life. Since Dr. Ludwig's personal life stations were put together personally by himself, we can assume that these were of great importance to him.

Nevertheless, they ultimately say very little about Dr. Ludwig as a person and his personality. They reveal little of his lifework, which is hidden behind these "stations", his various roles, which he took apart from the role of a scientist.

Apart from being a natural scientist, he also was a natural and social philosopher, humanist and philosopher of enlightenment, developer and universally educated.

In one of his most important epistemological contributions - "The Expanded Uniform Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim" (1998) - we find a sentence that to a certain extent refers on Dr. Ludwig and his life:

"Macroscopic causality is generated by many individual events. It seems that a "self-organization" arises – but in reality, the control happens from the G4. This central part of the R12 contains an immense intelligence. Many physicists came to God through their study of mathematical physics."

The scientific activity of Dr. Ludwig is documented in more than 100 articles in German and English language. He was a frequent author in numerous journals and wrote several books. For more than two decades he has been a popular speaker at numerous national and international congresses who really had something to tell people. Over the years, he led his audience over and over again into a new form of thinking about man and the world, toward the interaction between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The books "SIT - System Information Therapy" (1994) and "Informative Medicine" (1998) are certainly among his most important publications. Also his last book "Water and Homeopathy" (published in 2002), which contributes significantly to the further biophysical understanding of homeopathy.

These three exemplary works give a good insight into what is considered the life's work of Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig.

If we want to describe the scientific-practical life's work of Dr. Ludwig, we cannot ignore the term "paradigm shift in medicine". With his biophysical findings, his extensive scientific and practical research, he has presaged the path from classical medicine to a medicine that helps people with as few side effects as possible.

Like hardly anyone else he was able to show his listeners and readers the limits of conventional physics with its "mechanistic worldview". Therefore he did not experience any contradiction when he wrote, lectured and attended seminars. H. PIETSCHMANN, a representative of the theoretical physics, quoted and added at the same time:

"Traditional medicine claims to be scientific, but it uses a science of the nineteenth century, and in that sense, it's really time for universities to finally overcome their 19th century thinking."

Dr. Ludwig is one of the few people who has read Burkhard Heim's (in succession with W. Dröscher) work in its entirety, grasped its scope and drawn conclusions from it.

Andreas Resch, in whose publishing house in Innsbruck the works of Heim and Dröscher were published, knew very well about the "translator merits" of Dr. Ludwig. In his foreword to the work of Dr. Ludwig on "The extended uniform quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim" he writes:

„[...] that the publications of Heim are comprehensible almost only to experts and even require special efforts from them. It is, therefore, all the more welcome that some experts take the trouble to summarize one or the other aspect of Heim's theory."

Dr. Ludwig dealt with Heim's theory for many years and published a short version of it in various medical congress books, journals and books. The presentation of these at medical congresses showed great interest, especially since his presentations offered a very handy insight into Heim’s theory. His explanations with the illustrations allow a broad readership a very sound and vivid introduction to basic features of Heim's theory.

"So I am thankful to Dr. Ludwig ... this is about a new way of thinking about the world and the human being."

His intellectual preconditions, combined with his own will and his tremendous insistence on solving the most difficult tasks, make Dr. Ludwig become kind of a "translator" of Heim's theory. Thus he is a very important pioneer of the way from a healing experience towards to the foundations of a scientifically founded complementary medicine.

Without him, Heim's theory would hardly have gained a foothold in medicine. It would be almost unknown and thus meaningless.

Without Ludwig's lectures, without his numerous essays on central themes and concepts of Heim's theory, many lecture physicians and medicals who have dedicated themselves to topics such as bioresonance, magnetic therapy and homeopathy, would be much poorer in real knowledge. The same applies to the relevant area of device development.

Prof. Popp very aptly describes in his foreword to the book "Informative Medicine" the entire scientific work of Dr. Ludwig:

"Wolfgang Ludwig is among the physicists who have significantly influenced the bioinformative processes in Germany."

A look at the websites of different manufacturers shows on the one hand, that Dr. Ludwig in his function as a biophysicist is now claimed by a variety of manufacturers – even though their devices by no means comply with the Ludwig quality features in their functions and mode of action.

On the other hand, there are only a few manufacturers who know exactly which basic development work Dr. Ludwig has made and publicize this and appreciate it accordingly.

At least one manufacturer and longtime companion of Dr. med. Ludwig, Dr. Köhler, chairman of the BIT medical practioner society (former company VEGA), for which Dr. Ludwig worked for many years as a consultant and speaker, is honoring the merits of Dr. Ludwig, concerning the biophysical foundation and device development.

Dr. Ludwig was always looking for "mutual reactions" - and that in the truest sense of the word. As part of his dissertation, he carried out large-scale measurements throughout Europe from 1963 to 1968, where he ran field measurements with recording devices over months in areas without environmental pollution (island of Sylt and later Tenerife) and in major cities. Looking back, he was already searching for truth in the microcosm and macrocosm.

Dr. Ludwig spent his life researching "mutual reactions" in the environment, between humans and the environment, the sun and the earth, in the biological system.

With his findings on "interactions" - e.g. in the "four being levels, between chaos and order," or the fact that interaction quanta are superior to matter - he was able to determine both health and disease criteria and criteria for the development of biophysical devices.

Dr. Ludwig is one of the scientifically proven biophysicists who made quantum-physical findings practically usable for the regulation, bioresonance and magnetic field processes. He is one of the pioneers of a new understanding of medicine.

Through his extensive research and development activities, he has made an outstanding contribution to the paradigm shift in medicine.

Marketing experts have the task of formulating messages. These messages must be understandable to the consumer and lead to an action. The message that Dr. Ludwig brought his readers and listeners over and over again, was clear and distinct:

"The old separation between mind and body, subject and object can be overcome with the help of quantum theory. Taking into account only the weighable matter, as biochemistry and conventional medicine do, one captures only a fraction of reality. Valid statements can only be made with the inclusion of quantum field physics."

For a better illustration, Dr. Ludwig used a quote from Albert Einstein. This impressive quotation caused an aha effect in many listeners. It shows that the mathematisability of life has limits and that it always remains a metaphysical aspect. Einstein once said:

"It is not possible to describe a symphony by Beethoven solely mathematically as a variation of barometric pressure fluctuations. The symphony is more - that means it contains metaphysical elements."

In this way, Dr. Ludwig a gifted marketing expert. You had to experience it yourself when the audience listened to Dr. Ludwig afterwards came to him and personally thanked that they had finally reached the necessary understanding through his remarks.

With the help of his easy-to-understand diagrams, which are meanwhile copied a whole lot, or can even be found in books by other authors without a reference to a source, Dr. Ludwig always understood how to make highly complicated mathematical theories more comprehensible. This includes a diagram in which he introduced listeners and readers to the four levels of being, each with its own logical and hierarchical structure:

Levels of being interact with each other. Therefore, in each of these levels of being illness can arise and be treated.

There are few graphs that say so much about the practical benefits of quantum field theory for modern, decent medicine in such a condensed form.

It is certainly unusual for an obituary to contain a chart. But what speaks against it? After all, it once again honors the life's work of Dr. Ludwig. It belongs to him and has greatly influenced many doctors and naturopaths in their further holistic diagnostic and therapeutic work. In the most abstract form, this graphic illustrates his lifelong scientific work and the insights he gained during his research and development activities. Finally, it documents that he has succeeded in putting experience healing on an exact scientific basis.

The diagram symbolizes a large part of Ludwig's life's work:

In this way, Dr. Ludwig impressively made it clear that life can not be described or even explained with quantitative and mechanistic concepts, not with force and substance, not with physics and chemistry alone.

Life is and remains in its most essential qualities metaphysical, metachemical, metamaterial, meta-energetic and meta-mechanistic.

Nonetheless, with its materialistic view of life and life processes of bioenergetic therapy, homeopathy or acupuncture, the conventional medicine is still relatively uncomprehending. Above all, this is probably due to the fact that it does not succeed (and cannot succeed) - in the context of its materialistic view of the world and the associated concept of science - to provide explanations for the effect of homeopathy, acupuncture or for areas of natural medicine. Instead, the irresolvable contradiction is defined as "the problem of the transition from science to esotericism, the transition from a rational to an irrational approach".

But if one tries to describe the world picture as Dr. Ludwig sees it, then the term "post-materialistic" and "holistic" is most likely to apply. 

With his relentless pursuit to place holistic medicine on the basis of Heim's quantum field theory, Dr. Ludwig made an invaluable contribution to the fact that holistic medicine did not become a playground for esoterics.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was not one of the "performers". He had what many "polished speakers" - especially today - completely missing:

He had charisma.

He did not talk about something he did not do himself, he did not talk about something today and tomorrow about something else. His impulse generator was not the spirit of time, but his own life's work determined the content and form of his lectures. The audience realized that this is someone who has something to say and who knows what he is talking about. The audience felt the competence of the speaker and felt its absolute credibility.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was a researcher and enlightener at the same time. He was unselfish and humble in his scientific knowledge. Modesty and selflessness belong to the fundamental convictions of great people and are not expressions of lack of social competence, as it is occasionally seen today.

With AMS GmbH and the Institute for Bioinformatical Medicine, Weikersheim, we will continue to work and conduct research in the sense of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig. His understanding of medicine, which involves interactions between man and nature, and which is at the service of a human and animal creation, will continue to guide us.

Dr. Frank Beck, Peter Holz