The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig generate alternating electromagnetic fields which produce biological resonance effects and thus stimulate regulation processes bioenergetically and activate self-healing powers.

However, the resonance effects can only be achieved if the generated electromagnetic field fulfills certain physiological quality features.

On the one hand, these are the already mentioned environmental signals, so-called "biological normals", which are decisive as control pulses for cell regulation and internal control circuits. These bioenergetical natural signals, which are important for everyone, can be reproduced with the aid of microelectronics - but it is important that the body can also perceive and understand these signals.

Furthermore it is important that the pulsating electromagnetic field shows these qualities in terms of the strength and the pulse form of the magnetic field.

In order to achieve a high physiological efficiency of the waves generated artificially by the device and to make the body understand the signals emanating from the device, they must have certain properties.

Particularly important are the strength and the pulse form of the magnetic field.

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