Change of pre-filter

The pre-filter of the spring-time®420 per device should be changed every 6 months. The intervals of the pre-filter changes depend on the quality of the tap water. Highly polluted tap water can lead to shorter intervals. You can order the filter on our website:

  • Remove the front panel from the device (magnetic holder) and remove it downwards.
  • Unscrew the old prefilter (left cartridge) by hand, remove it downwards. Discard the used prefilter.
  • Unscrew the ceramic filter (the third from the left).
  • Remove the yellow plug from the new prefilter and screw the prefilter by hand in the place and instead of the ceramic filter (on the far right side).
  • Place the vessel under the water outlet (water is produced during this process) and place the filled water tank in its position.
  • Run two normal water passages (briefly press the start/stop button). After both runs, pour away the contents of the carafe and the water tank. This procedure serves to vent the device. The new prefilter is flushed through at the same time.
  • Now unscrew the new prefilter from the third position...
  • ... and screw it in at its designated position (first from the left).
  • Screw the ceramic filter back in (third position from the left).
  • Reinsert the front panel.
  • After changing the prefilter, please run two normal water cleaning passages (fill the tap water into the water tank and let it run through as usual). This will rinse everything again. The water that has passed through should be poured away each time (2x).